Roger McCord

Storyteller. Filmmaker. Aerial cinematographer. 

I've been a journalist – writer, photographer, filmmaker – for my whole career ... creating images and words to tell a story: a WWII survivor of occupied Holland, mechanical geniuses with antique tractors, a film to keep Maine's fishing industry sustainable. 


  Now I "do weddings." But as a filmmaker and storyteller, I don't do the gauzy, predictable "wedding video" production.  Yes, I'll capture images of flowers, shoes, dresses and table settings — but want to focus the cameras on people. A wedding is far more than a venue or fancy hors d'oeuvres. A wedding is a gathering where commitments are made and celebrated. A wedding is a stage – sometimes elegant, sometimes more simple – that features two people at the center and a whole cast of supporting roles of family and friends. And that is what I look to capture and preserve.

  As a wedding storyteller, I like to work with the bride and groom to establish what they would like in a wedding film. It's your day, and it's your film. My job, as a lifelong journalist, is to capture those moments and create a document that gains in value as time passes. 

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   I'm very happily married, have two terrific, grownup kids ... and wish the same for every couple I meet as a wedding filmmaker.  

  You can email me with the form below, or shoot me an email at My rates are reasonable and my commitment is high. Hope to hear from you!

NOTE: There is more content (full-length, HD) on my RTM weddings page on YouTube here 


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